Mr. Turza’s service really helped me. He finished this task within 2 months, which I thought would take a year or so. From the very beginning he was very confident about what he was promising and finally he did it what was promised at the beginning of this matter.  My wife’s life insurance claim was turned down by insurance company and I was asked to open a probate. But Mr. Turza pursued the insurance company to pay full benefits within 2 months without opening probate.  He even guided me about gift tax even after we finished our business.  He was very prompt in returning my every call and addressing each query.  I am completely satisfied with his work and would definitely recommend Mr. Turza’s service to anyone who is looking for estate service.

-D. Patel
Indianapolis, IN


We were very pleased with the estate plan Gregory Turza’s law office wrote for us.  He and his staff were always there to answer our questions fully and in a timely manner. Granted a trust plan is difficult task but we never felt alone and are very grateful that we found this fine firm to help us.  We heartily recommend this firm and in all honesty we asked Greg if we could write this review so we could show how him and his staff how kind they were to work with.

-Bonnie and Jeff Byer
Skokie, Illinois


I am privileged to have a lawyer like Greg Turza as a close neighbor. I view Greg as an authority whenever I need advice on any issues pertaining to wills or estates. He treats his clients with the same level of respect and professionalism that is befitting of an Attorney who has honed their craft to perfection. I would recommend Greg Turza to anyone who expects great results in the areas of wills/estates/probate.

-Ben Schneider
Attorney, Skokie IL


When I have a technical question on a point of law Greg is on my short list of experts. He is both thoughtful and careful. His understanding of the law thorough and deep.

-Tom Olofsson
Attorney, The Law Office of Thomas J. Olofsson


Greg is a rare resource in the community. His legal expertise is excellent, and I truly appreciate his creativity and efficiency in solving clients’ complex situations. I had the honor of working with him on a variety of matters and know from first-hand experience that he is very thorough and approaches clients’ needs holistically. Greg is skilled in all areas of estate planning and particularly in retirement planning. He is one of the true experts in this complex area. I also admire that, despite his vast experience, Greg still makes sure his “toolbox” is always filled with latest strategies and advances in the law. He constantly “sharpens his saw”!

-Natalia Kabbe
Attorney, Naperville, IL


I endorse this lawyer’s work. I have shared work for clients with Greg Turza and have constantly been helped by his wisdom and the breadth of knowledge. It is a pleasure working with Greg and he is the only attorney who gets my estate planning and probate referrals.

-Erica Minchella
Attorney, Skokie IL


Greg has written comprehensive estate planning documents, primarily centered around living trust planning, for over 50 of my clients. I have worked with several estate planning attorneys over the years, but no one has been as thorough and attentive to detail as Greg. My clients have been very pleased with his services, as well as the friendly and detail-oriented backup of his fine support staff, led by Amanda Hansen. In addition to his fine work, Greg is also very easy to work with as a professional, as he is open to the input of financial planners such as myself, so that my clients estate planning needs and legacy issues are met to the highest degree possible. Two thumbs up to Gregory P. Turza!

Top qualities: Great Results , Expert , High Integrity

-Les Goldstein


My wife and I contacted Gregory Turza for help with estate planning. He expalined how to use a Trust to protect out assets. He graphically outlined the way our wishes for distribution would be carried out. Mr. Turza showed technical knowledge built from years of experience and the skill to answer our questions in “plain English”. I recommend Gregory Turza to anyone planning their estate.



Greg had to work with my elderly in laws, tricky at the best of times – He put them at ease addressed the tax ramifications in words that made sense to them and in a way that allowed them to move forward with setting up a living Trust. The way things were their estate would have had to go through probate twice. His assistant Amanda was in constant touch with their daughter making sure the i’s were dotted and the t’s were crossed long after the trusts were set up.



I know Greg through mutual membership in the Skokie Chamber of Commerce and LeTip. He has a tremendous wealth of knowledge about estate planning and is always ready to help those with questions.”

-Motty Stone , Partner , Schneider & Stone, LLP
June 30, 2009