Park Ridge Area Probate Attorney

Navigating the probate process without the guidance of an experienced estate planning attorney is a time-consuming, costly and frustrating experience for a layman.

For nearly 40 years, attorney Gregory P. Turza has been assisting individuals throughout Chicagoland with a broad range of estate planning and administration needs. For many families and other intended beneficiaries, probate will be a necessary process to identify all of a decedent’s assets, settle outstanding debts, and properly distribute property to the intended recipients. Our firm assists in every stage of this process to ensure that it proceeds as efficiently as possible, sparing our clients considerable time, expense and energy following the death of a loved one.

If you are currently planning for the future, you can learn in a free, confidential consultation how careful estate planning can help your loved ones avoid probate. Call 866-460-3077 to arrange a consultation with Gregory Turza.

Des Plaines Area Lawyer Explains Disposition of Tangible Personal Property
There are many procedural requirements that must be followed in order for the probate process to unfold with minimal delay. This is especially true of jewelry, paintings and other items of personal property that sometimes disappear shortly after someone dies.

We can assist with the filing of necessary forms with county courts to expedite the notification of creditors, financial institutions and other parties that your loved one has recently deceased.

Although the executor of a will is required to file the document in county court within 30 days of an individual’s death, this can be delayed when a will is misplaced or, in certain cases, where an executor refuses to provide it. Having the assistance of an experienced Park Ridge probate lawyer can ensure that these requirements are met in a timely manner.