Estate Administration

Park Ridge Estate Administration Attorney

When a loved one passes away, his or her estate may need to go through a court-managed process called probate or estate administration. The process of estate administration in broad terms can be boiled down to three steps: gather the assets, pay the taxes and expenses, and distribute to the beneficiaries.

If your loved one owned his or her assets through a well-drafted and properly funded living trust, a court-managed administration will be avoided, although the successor trustee needs to administer the distribution of the deceased’s assets.

At the Law Offices of Gregory P. Turza, J.D., in Park Ridge, Illinois, we are experienced in both testate (for someone who died with a valid will) and intestate (for someone who died without a will) probate. We help professional fiduciaries serving as personal representatives and family members serving the personal representative of a family member’s probate estate. We also represent beneficiaries when they are concerned that the personal representative may not be properly administering their loved ones’ probate estates.

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Five Stages of Estate Administration

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